Carmalita Heron


Hi, thanks for checking out my site.  Here’s a bit about me. 

I currently live on the South end of Vancouver Island BC in our hOMe surrounded by forest, ocean and plenty of wildlife.  I love to travel but home is my favourite place to be.  Among seeing the rest of the world and experiencing new cultures I love hiking, swimming, frolicking, camping, dancing, laughing, learning, cooking and above all I love sharing my passion to be healthy through teaching yoga and pilates. 

I came to teach pilates through yoga. I came to teach yoga through healing and personal experience.  When I first tried yoga at the age of 16 (after a debilitating car accident), it seemed to me a form of dance, so I dove in like love at first sight.  As life often goes, I practiced on and off for several years eventually traveling to India to visit my mother and to explore and study this ever growing love of yoga. On my second trip visiting her I decided it was time to take this “yoga dance” to the next level. I made my way to the nearest ashram and after many early mornings, chanting, too many Surya Namaskar to count, sitting for long hours on concrete floors and many great teachers lessons I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training at the Dhanwantari Ashram in Neyyar Dam through Sivananda Yoga Vedanta. Wohooo!!!!! The learning never ends.  I’ve been practicing and studying steady ever since. 

I thank Laura Phelps for helping me be brave and get out there and teach and well as teaching me to teach Pilates which has so greatly benefited my personal practice as well as my teaching.  Pilates completes my yoga and vice versa.

I’ve most recently spent time studying yoga with Clara Roberts-Os in Thailand and Mexico working on completing my 500 hr YTT.

I have so much love and boundless graditude for all my teachers and all the teachers before me.  Among my sources of inspiration are Clara Roberts-Os, Laura Phelps, Alice Bracegirdle, Siva Rea, Yulady Saluti, Bliss Prema and so many others.


My goal is to create a playful, safe and joyous practice where students can explore and be curious, build strength on and off the mat, break down boundaries and start living more fully.  I look forward to sharing mat time with you soon. 


Peace and love!