First Time

by: Carmalita Heron on

Well here it goes, my very first blog EVER! Thanks for tuning in :) My husband and I are off in just a few days to a place I've wanted to go for many years. A place full of sunshine, smiles, dancing, music and celebration. A place called Coachella. This is just the beginning of our journey and I am over the moon exited and filled with gratitude. I'm also running around like a chicken with my head cut off in preparation for this big adventure. What to pack is the big question - or what not to pack when bringing not a very large bag.  Well I'm definitely bringing my tutu, Teeki pants and probiotics! Haha the rest is less important.  After the festival we will be heading to Thailand where I'll be taking part in Clara Roberts-Oss' Lila Vinyasa Training. We'll see where the the path takes us from there. I plan to blog and create short yoga and pilates video's in various countries as we travel - stay tuned. Sending enormous love out to you and you and you xo

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